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Access Control Systems

Designed to work together seamlessly, Access Systems' products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging.

Tech Support Masters also installs and services a variety of sophisticated communications and security systems such as

  • Electronic Access Control

  • Biometric Security System

  • Intelligent Home Systems

  • Intercoms, Audio and Video

  • PBX Phone Systems

  • And Many Others


Be prepared for today's thieves with SECO-LARM's patented CODEBUMP technology. With CODEBUMP, so-called code-grabbers and scanners are rendered obsolete because the RF code changes every time the transmitter button is pressed. In addition, with over 18 quintillion (1.8x1019) codes, the chances of ever repeating a code are virtually non-existent. SECO-LARM's ENFORCER CODEBUMP transmitters and receivers are perfect for controlling garage and gate openers, car and home alarms, plus much more.

SK-919TD1S-UP - 1CH


  • Frequency 315MHz. (SK-939TS1S-B: Same as SK-919TT1S-BU, but 433.92MHz)

  • Operates up to 500ft (150m).*

  • Over 68 billion (6.8x1010) possible codes.

  • Sleek new case with flashing LED transmission indicator.

  • Includes 12VDC alkaline battery with handsome key chain ring.

  • Compatible with SK-910RQ (discontinued), SK-910RBQ, SK-910RL (discontinued), SK-910RVQ (discontinued), SK-910R2Q, SK-910R4Q, SK-910RA,

  • SK-910RAV,    and SK-910RAV2 receivers.

  • SK-919TT1S-BU uses DIP switch coding technology. Perfect for applications requiring large numbers of transmitters with identical codes.**

  • Private label available. Contact SECO-LARM for details.

Chapa Magnetica Waterproof De 1200 Lbs

  • Carcasa de aluminio anodizado.

  • Ideal para puertas corredizas o portones de vaivén (swinging).

  • Fuerza de retención: 1,200lb. (545 kgs).

  • Fail-Safe operación (la puerta se desasegura cuando el poder es removido).

  • No residuos de magnetismo.

  • Tamaño del imán: 10-1/2"x1-5/8"x2-5/8" (268x42x67 mm)

  • Tamaño de la armadura: 7-1/4"x5/8"x2-3/8" (185x16x61 mm).

  • Seleccion de entrada de voltaje: 12VDC o 24VDC

  • Corriente/Voltaje: 500mA @ 12VDC, 250mA @ 24VDC.

  • Listado UL y ULC.

Soporte para montajes
Z: soporte "Z". Que se pone a la placa de la armadura y es usado típicamente en ciertos tipos de instalaciones como los de portones de vaivén. El soporte "Z" consiste en dos partes y es ajustable para posiciones flexibles de la placa de la armadura.


Entramado de acero impermeable, inoxidable, disponible para hacia fuera la puerta.
El MOVIMIENTO proporciona a la protección actual reversa
Conveniente para la puerta de madera, puerta de cristal, puerta del metal, puerta incombustible
Load colineal Test 280kg, 600pounds
Voltage dual 12 o 24 VDC (de opcional)
El Standard Voltage es 12VDC cuando Finished


Talla del bloqueo: 225Lx40.5Wx26H (milímetro)
Placa de la armadura: 180Lx38Wx12.5H (milímetro)
Fuerza de la explotación agrícola: 280kg (600Lbs)
Voltaje: 12/24VDC
Drenaje actual: 12V/500mA 24V/250mA
Corchete disponible: JS-28U, JS-28L
Conveniente para: Puerta al aire libre de Wooden, puerta de Glass, puerta de Metal, puerta de Fireproof
Temp superficial: ≤ +20
Temp del funcionamiento: 10~+55 (14-131F)
Humedad conveniente: el 0~90% (non-condensing)
Acaba para Shell: Aluminio anodizado
Finales para Magnetic: Cinc
Finales para Armature: Cinc
Peso: 2kg
Embalaje estándar: 10PCS


mullion-style outdoor stand-alone access control keypad reader that allows you to support up 1,010 users all from the same unit. The SK-2323-SPQ offers a built-in proximity reader and coded keypad so you can program the system to request code only, card with code, or just code or card. This professional grade stand-alone access control system is simple to install and program, and gives you full control to manage and customize the security levels of your system through different credential offerings. This is an efficient and cost effective solution for adding an access control system in any residential or commercial security application. The SK-2323-SPQ is completely programmed right from the keypad so there is no need to buy any external programmer or install any software!The SK-2323-SPQ supports a 12-15 VDC operation and features colored status LED’s, optical tamper sensor for added security, backlit keys for nighttime use, and EEPROM memory that protects the programmed information in case of power loss. The SK-2323-SPQ easily mounts into a single gang box, allows each relay to be programmed with time 1-99 seconds, and includes (2) egress inputs and (1) door sensor input. It also offers 3 programmable access modes for its #1 output.


NAV Series TCP/IP Standalone Network

  • Large storage capacity: supports up to 10, 000 users and 1 million event log entries

  • Flexible operating mode: the fingerprint unit may function independently or may be connected with a computer; the software controls communications in real time

  • Feature-rich management functions: capable of conducting access administration based on time, date, location, and cardholder's access privileges

  • Powerful alarm features: connectivity with the alarm server for the ARM/ DISARM of controlled areas; the triggering of a fire alarm will effect controls to the appropriate door areas, which provides convenient connectivity

  • Up to 13 door access types to provide customers with convenient options to suit their needs

  • Backlit LCD display (2x10 Chinese characters or 2x20 English or Russian Characters)

  • The protective features of TVS safeguards the fingerprint unit against damage resulting from transient high voltage

  • Network access is based on CAT-5, which can be used for communication (10M/100M Ethernet) and Power over Ethernet (POE)

  • Mainstream web browser is used to access remote equipment and perform control and administration; no additional software is required

  • Embedded Linux operating system: installation of additional software not required to operate and administer the system and controllers

  • Operates via DHCP and static IP, which is a plug-and-play feature

  • Powerful networking features: web browser is used to access remote equipment and perform control and administration tasks

  • Easy to use: the keyboard on the controller can be used to conduct simple configuration tasks

  • A single unit that reads cards, scans fingerprints, and provides access control

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